Q: We have a lot of projects, how can I know which one the Foundation might be interested in?

A: You may email our Executive Director of Foundations, Bill Major, with your prospective proposals prior to submission. Please be sure to indicate in your email that you are seeking only a general response to the proposal, and know that interest in your project does not guarantee funding.

Q: If the Executive Director thinks the Foundations will like our proposal, is he the one who decides to fund it?

A: Each Foundation has a Board of Trustees that makes all decisions as to which projects will be funded.


Q: If our project is not in the Tulsa Area, does that mean automatic exclusion?

A: The Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation gives primarily in the Tulsa area and Israel with very few exceptions.  The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation gives primarily in the Tulsa area and Israel but also supports organizations providing basic needs throughout the state of Oklahoma. If you have a question about the area of service, you can always email Bill Major to clarify.


Q: How often do the Foundations meet to consider on-line grant requests?

A: The Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation meets on a quarterly basis, usually in February, May, September and November. The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation meets twice a year to consider new on-line requests. Those meetings are usually in February and September.

Q: If our proposal is declined, will you tell us why?

A: Every proposal receives a firm response, either favorable or unfavorable. If you have specific questions about the response you have received, you may email our Executive Director, Bill Major.

Q: If we have applied twice and were declined both times, does that mean we will never receive funding?

A: Proposals are declined for a number of reasons, which may or may not apply over more than one grant cycle.  However, you must wait until at least the same grant cycle in the next year before applying again.  If you have questions as to why a proposal was declined or whether you should apply after being declined a second time, please email or call Bill Major to discuss, (918)295-8004.

Q: Will you consider applications from organizations in the process of filing for §501(c)(3) status?

A: IRS regulations do not allow us to give to organizations that do not already have their §501(c)(3) status. We would be happy to consider your proposal once your status is awarded.

Q: Will any of the Foundations consider a request for contribution to a capital campaign?

A: It is best to discuss any capital campaign request with Bill Major prior to submitting the on-line request.


Q: Do you support fundraising events?

A: Both Foundations support fundraising events on a limited basis.  Requests for support should be mailed to the foundation office for consideration.  In general, the Foundations are currently reducing the number of events sponsored on an annual basis. 

Q: If we are awarded a grant, how will the funds be dispersed?

A: Both The Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation and The Zarrow Families Foundation now send grant funds via ACH bank transfers. Your organization must complete an authorization form and provide us a copy of a voided pre-printed check or deposit slip which shows the bank routing number and your organization's account number. When a grant is approved, you will receive an email notification which comes from mail@grantapplication.com. Please add this address to your Contacts or Safe List so the email does not go into your Junk or Spam Folder. The funds will arrive in your bank account the following business day.

The Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation will send a paper check and letter via the U.S. Postal Service.

Q: We have sent you several letters through our direct mail campaign; why have you not responded?

A: The Foundations only consider requests made through our application process; we do not accept direct mail requests.

If you have further questions, please contact:

Bill Major, Executive Director
Phone: (918) 295-8004
Email: bmajor@zarrow.com