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Frequently Asked Questions

"Imagine what a harmonious world it could be
 if every single person, both young and old,
shared a little of what he is good at doing."

 -- Quincy Jones

Q: If our project is not in the Tulsa area, does that mean automatic exclusion?
A: No, but you need to realize we will expend funds in our local area first.

Q: We have a lot of projects and I really don't know which one the foundation might be interested in. Will you help?
A: You may E-mail me with your prospective proposals prior to submission. Please be sure to indicate in your E-mail, you are just wanting a general response to your proposal. Interest in your project does not guarantee funding.

Q: If you think the Foundations will like it, are you the one that decides?
A: Each of the Foundations is composed of different trustees who make all of the decisions on which of the projects will be funded.

Q: How often do the Foundations meet?
A: Each Foundation meets on a quarterly basis. Generally first quarter meetings are completed by the end of March, second quarter by the end of June, third quarter by the end of September and fourth quarter by the end of December.

Q: The frustrating part for me is I never really know what was wrong with my submitted proposal when it is declined. Will you tell me?
A: Every proposal receives a response either favorably or negatively. You may E-mail me with specific questions, once you have received our response.

Q: We have applied twice and still we are not funded, does this mean we will never be funded?
A: As you can well imagine, proposals are declined for a number of reasons. Many times the foundation has already committed the funds available for that time period. Others include: the timing of the receipt of the proposal, the project being outside our trustees area of interests, or the use of the money was not clearly defined.

Q: We are in the process of filing for our 501 C 3 status. Will you consider our proposal since we are “in process”?
A: As much as we like to support worthy causes, the IRS does not allow us to give to organizations who do not have their 501 C 3 status.

Q: We are in the midst of a capital campaign to build a new office, will any of the foundations consider donations towards a capital campaign?
A: While we have made exceptions for those non-profits in the Tulsa area, we generally do not fund capital or endowment campaigns outside the Tulsa area. We feel that as a foundation we are unique in that we like to support agencies' operating costs.

Q: We have sent you several pieces of mail through our direct mail campaign and we have yet to receive a response.
A: Direct mail requests are not accepted by the foundations. The impersonal nature of the request does not require a personal response.

If you have further questions, please e-mail Bill Major.

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